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If I were a warrior

A very intriguing concept that popped into my head one day which caused me to ask all manner of questions was  "If I were a warrior..."  Questions which followed naturally along this philosophical concept were : Who would my leader be? What would I do? How would I do it? Where would my honor lie? What would my personal philosophy be? What would my strategy be? What would  I defend most fiercely?

I  guess this concept has been brewing in my head for quite some time now.  You see, when my father named me, he gave me an old Celtic first name that roughly translates to "warrior's battle maid", a name that surely lets the imagination soar, and nicely complements my small streak of rebelliousness.  What exactly is a warrior's battle maid?  Well I'm not sure at all about that, and maybe I will research that some day, but I do like history.  History that took place well before the industrial age that is, and my favorite books usually include the practice of magic and fierce warrior's who are saviors/rescuers, and of course the perfect leader or leaders.  Imagine that.

So to begin, if I were a warrior I would choose my leader carefully and wisely, because to choose to follow is always to choose to give up a portion of your own personal power.  I would consider a leader with favor who is genuinely concerned about the population, as well as the land, and all it contains, under his protection and rule, not just the accumulation of power and riches. Someone who is not easily influenced, persuaded, or pressured by leaders of other countries.  This leader would have to be someone who investigates and weighs wisely the pros and cons of a situation or issue, keeping in mind the number of  lives in his or her charge. He, or she, would acknowledge and protect the rights of individuals under his leadership to choose.

The leader I support loyally would keep the population informed without deceit,  not in the least intimidated by their ability to make choices, and would not waste their lives needlessly and endlessly; nor would he allow himself to become intoxicated by power. Above all this leader would be honest.  She would make decisions that would preserve the health of the land as well as it's population.  He, or she, would not require the individual's under his care to give up all of their own power permanently in order to lead.  In other words, this leader would serve, to be served in return.  Tall order right, especially in this day and age.  My imagination really does take over.  To find a leader such as this, is almost akin to searching a beach for diamonds.

That isn't to say there are no leaders left in today's society who are genuinely motivated by a giant sense of responsibility and a genuine concern for an existing community and the world, however, typically these leaders do not get very far up the spiral of the many levels of leadership available in present day society, as they represent a threat to those who are motivated by power and monetary rewards.

The fact is however, our environment has become such a mess precisely because historically as a whole we in society have trusted our leaders to take care of things for us, and have given up way too much of our personal power to do so. This results in many instances were our leaders simply do as they please without respect or regard for the people they govern, and the planet; nor for any resulting consequence.

But in imagining the concept of being a warrior, despite the facts above, it is not impossible to choose leaders at every level of society wisely, and it remains our responsibility to do so if we do not wish to waste our personal power and leave ourselves and our world completely vulnerable. Imagine that.