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Sunday, February 28, 2010

GMO's : What gives you the right to "play" with our food

After doing some more research on eating healthy and avoiding all unnatural "additions" to food, I came across some very distressing facts about our food that really pushes all my buttons.  My distress is such that my concern for the health and well being of future generations, as well as the protection of basic humans rights have increased along with my knowledge base on this topic.  It isn't that I am unfamiliar with Genetically  Modified foods (GMO), having discovered them this past year, it is the fact that after years of the consumptions of these foods by much of the population, we are only just now stumbling upon some very negative and dangerous health risks associated with them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About GMOs - Non-GMO Shopping Guide

About GMOs - Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another pet peeve: the hunt for healthy food

The simple act of eating should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience for everyone.  We all work hard for the food we eat and in many instances food is the only reward we might get for our hard work.  It should not be necessary to have to worry about our hard earned reward being enhanced with modifications and chemical toxins.   But nothing is sacred it seems these days, and so, we do truly have to worry. If you wish to stay healthy, not only is it necessary to read labels before you buy food to take home to your family table, but there is a phenomenal chance that you cannot trust the food source itself.  So now we are forced to go out of our way to find sources of "safe" food, because eating many types of  food can have serious, long lasting, and even deadly consequences for many people.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Environmental death by the truckload

At the warehouse where I work we are preparing for spring.   The seasonal department is  frantically setting up displays of gardening supplies.  Every day truck loads of supplies arrive, bearing seeds of all descriptions and tools.   It is quite a sight, and when you think about spring all manner of pleasant images pop into the mind.  Bright flowers, a clean and tidy home, home grown foods, a perfect yard, relaxation in sunshine etc., etc.  All very pleasant thoughts.  Unfortunately there is a black lining in this cloud of pleasing anticipation, because along with these types of supplies also arrives something very unhealthy and deadly for the environment, wildlife and humans alike.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Environment, deception and advertisisng

It always blows my mind how deceptive companies and businesses can be in their quest  to make money.  Especially through the medium of advertising.  It isn't bad enough words like biodegradable are added to product labels, which  at first sounds really good, but is only a word that makes the product sound earth friendly, when in fact in many instances the exact opposite is true.  Many things are biodegradable after all, that doesn't change the fact that they are bad for the environment.  Let's face it, advertising is specifically designed to persuade the consumer to buy a product, and it seems there are no rules that apply to advertising, with the sole exception that a company can't lie about  the performance of it's product, or it's ingredients.

Working where I do, it has come to my attention that recently many companies have taken to adding images of cute and cuddly baby animals to their product label.  Then I began to notice these images in their TV adds and on billboards, and even  their company logos.  While it is true that some companies have had images of, for example teddy bears gracing  their product labels for years, it seems recently many more companies have jumped on the bandwagon by adding images of baby ducks, polar bears, frogs, pandas and penguins etc to their company logos and product labels.