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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it really radical to take care of your home?

The Canadian government has recently taken to calling those who oppose the construction of a  tar sands pipeline across the wilds of BC RADICALS.

As far as I'm concerned those who live in Alberta, British Columbia, Canada and anywhere else in the world are at home.   Do we not take care of the homes in which we reside?  Do we not make sure that it is clean, in good repair and that the family which lives within is in good health? Do we not maintain gardens and back yards for relaxation, as well as the production of food?

The wildlife of this planet, our home is part of the larger family which resides here, as such we need to ensure it is healthy and well taken care of.  The oceans, rivers and streams on earth may be looked upon as plumming that needs to be maintained in order for all to remain healthy.  The forests, the mountains, the jungles are the gardens and back yards of the world, which need to be nurtured and preserved. The Earth is our home.  As such it is natural and prudent to take care of it.   It isn't a matter of radical belief, but one of responsibility to do so.  I invite your comments.